We’re honored to host you and your family at our next Foundations Parent-Child Dedication service. But we want you to know… It’s so much more than just an event!


Child dedications are a profound and public declaration made by parents, vowing to raise their child within the Christian faith, following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. This ceremony represents not only a dedication of the child but a significant commitment from the parents. Parents can’t decide their child’s salvation. Each person must decide to have a personal relationship with Christ on their own. When children are old enough to understand the concept of why Jesus died for them and that He loves them so much, then they are ready to decide to ask Him to be their Savior! Parents must, however, lay a foundation through teaching and example that will help children make that decision at the right time.

Next Parent-Child Dedication

August 17-18,  2024 & January 25-26, 2025


Our expection is that Parent(s) commit to…

  • Modeling Faith: Demonstrating through their daily lives what it means to live as a follower of Jesus, setting a spiritual example for their child.
  • Church Community: Ensuring their child grows with a strong church community presence, embedding these values as a core part of their upbringing.
  • Spiritual Leadership: Accepting the responsibility to be the primary spiritual guides for their child, leading them on their path of faith.


While Foundations Church isn’t made up of perfect people (we’re all sinners who’ve been saved by the grace of God), the Bible still instructs us to live lives worthy of the privilege we’ve received as God’s people. Followers of Jesus will find that God’s ways OFTEN conflict with cultural values and morals. We’re instructed to avoid lifestyle choices that are spiritually defiling or that would damage the reputation and message of God’s church.

Our dedication process is inspired by the wisdom of Proverbs 22:6 and is predicated on the promise to guide a child on the path of Christian teachings, starting with our example. Eligibility for dedication is extended to children whose at least one parent or guardian is a follower of Jesus Christ, actively living out their faith.

The dedication ceremony is available to:

  • Married couples, recognized as a union between a biological man and a woman.
  • Single parents, provided they are not in a cohabiting relationship outside of marriage.

In alignment with our commitment to uphold Biblical values, we do not conduct dedications for children of unmarried parents living together. Our dedication ceremonies are carried out with the utmost integrity, reflecting our dedication to honoring God and adhering to the teachings of our faith. We encourage unmarried couples who are living together, and want to dedicate their child, to alter their situation by marrying their partner, or by changing their living arrangement before dedication. If you have questions, we would love to have a conversation with you.

Our goal through these dedications is to celebrate this sacred commitment with sincerity and faithfulness, ensuring that each ceremony is meaningful and aligns with the principles of our Christian faith.

Upcoming Parent-Child Dedication Classes:


(Childcare available during classes)