We know that life’s challenges can make it difficult to maintain your hope, peace, and even your relationship with God.  We offer Christian support to provide excellent care in dealing with your difficult circumstances.


You are not alone in your situation! The Foundations Prayer Team exists to call on God for those in need. Are you struggling with something and want us to pray for you? Fill out the form below.

Support Groups

Foundations Support Groups are here to help you make it through challenging and sometimes devastating times of life. We know that life will improve through the peace of Jesus Christ and the support of others. Walking the same road together with others will help you heal.


There are times in life when unforeseen needs arise due to illnesses, loss of a job, family crises, etc. Foundations Financial Care Ministry offers assistance to help alleviate some of the stresses that come with these circumstances.

Correspondence care

There are significant times in life that we all need to be encouraged!  We have a Correspondence Care Team who would love to send a card to those who have recently lost a loved one, are facing surgery, have a serious medical condition, and/or are having a baby. 

If you know of someone in our church family going through one of these significant times, please fill out this form.

Practical Care

Are you a single mom, widow, elderly or home bound in need of some practical help?  Do you need help with minor inside/outside home repairs, moving items or lawn care, etc.  We may be able to help you!

Get Started with completing the practical request form:


When people in our church and community are dealing with significant health issues in a hospital, rehabilitating from injuries, residing in long term care/memory care facilities, or are homebound, they may experience feelings of isolation and loneliness and would benefit from a visit.

Our Visitation Care Team is here to help in difficult times with prayer and support. If you or a loved one are in a hospital, a long term care/memory care facility, or if you know someone who is homebound and would like a visit please fill out this form.

Emergency Help

In times of crisis, there is help. There are community and national hotline services that have extensive training in suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, and reporting. Please click on the link for more information.

Meals Ministry

At no cost to the recipient, we are blessed with a team of volunteers, and by partnering with our Group’s ministry, who love to prepare and deliver dinner meals using their personal resources and time, to help our church family who are recovering from medical issues, personal crisis, or loss, or have newborn infants.

Foundations Grants

Organizations and ministries are invited to submit a grant request one time within a 12-month period. This is a great way to receive assistance and for Foundations to learn about new organizations.


The death of someone you love ushers in a cascade of complex emotions, and planning a funeral or memorial service to honor, remember, and celebrate loved ones can feel overwhelming. We want to help.  Please send our funeral team an email below.


God’s plan is for us to pursue Him and pursue relationship. From the very beginning, God demonstrates His value of marriage and family. Whether you are thinking about getting married, building your marriage and family, or walking through a difficult place, there is a plan just for you.