The Story of Adopt-A-Family

Foundations Church partner with Serve 6.8 and local churches to help families provide Christmas presents for their kids. Our heart is to help meet the financial needs of families at a vulnerable time of the year, while connecting them to the local church for future help. Our community needs our support more than ever and over 2,000 families will be served this Christmas season. The Giving Tree is a unique way to benefit families. Our goal is to empower families by supporting them as a community with helping to achieve self-sustainability through everyday ministries at Foundations Church and Serve 6.8.

Please drop off unwrapped presents or gift cards back to either our Loveland or Windsor Campus.

How Adopt-A-Family Works

It’s simple really. Giving Trees are located at the Loveland & Windsor Campus. You grab an ornament from the Giving Tree, and bring a new toy or gift card back to the tree. Make sure the ornament is loosely attached. These precious toys go into a Toy Room where an army of volunteers will pack for each family working with a wish list provided by the families. Families pick up their gifts from churches all over the area and are invited to continue receiving care and be connected to the local church and Serve 6.8

What Kind of Ornament Should I Chooses

It depends on how you would like to help the family you will be supporting. Many families enjoy grabbing ornaments for children of similar ages as their children. Every family we help get a $50 grocery card, so you may be passionate about helping families have a Christmas Dinner together. Or, you may not have the time to shop for a toy but you can help financially sponsor a family‘s Christmas experience. Whatever ornament you choose, just know you’ll be helping make Christmas possible for 2,000 families in Northern Colorado.

Virtual Giving Tree

This year we want to be mindful that it is not safe for many vulnerable people to shop for toys. In addition many businesses are operating in a different capacity so we created the Adopt-A-Family Virtual Giving Tree that allows people to shop while staying safe at home. Click on the button and it will open an ornament page with toy ideas and preselected gifts. You can purchase from the site and they will ship directly to SERVE 6.8.


Please email us at [email protected] or call 970-449-5402


As we head into the Holiday Season 2022, we have many opportunities to get involved with Christmas outreach programs. It literally takes an army this time of year to meet the needs of our families, so Foundations Church is calling on all of you to join that army.

There is a link below to sign up for volunteer opportunities. Hint, you can sign up for more than one thing! There are opportunities for you and your whole family and small group to get involved.

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