November’s Life App is Honor – Letting Someone Know You See How Valuable They Are!

Kids will spend time this month learning how to show Honor to others and God through the life of David in the books of 1 & 2 Samuel.

Click here to get your Parent Cue for the month! The Parent Cue includes the memory verse, life app, weekly bottom lines as well as conversation starters & activities to continue talking about Honor throughout your week!

Wonder how best to use the Parent Cue Guide? Click Here to learn how to use this resource effectively!

Our activities for Kids Rock (K-3rd) focus on 3 Basic Truths:

  1. I Can Trust God No Matter What
  2. I Can Make the Wise Choice
  3. I Should Treat Others the Way I Want to be Treated

Kids can look forward to games, creative storytelling, music and small group conversations all based on the 3 Basic Truths. Our enthusiastic staff works hard to model these truths for every child and help guide them to live them on their own!


We are spending the next 8 weeks in an overview of the entire Bible from Genesis-Revelation! This series is intended to be a church-wide study where family members in many phases can learn in a relatable way and have conversations at home.

In Kids Rock, we are not using FastTrack during the weekend services, but we want to make sure you have the opportunity to walk through this material as a family. Click on the link(s) below to open a Cue Sheet (similar to the God Time Cards you take home each week) that will help you as a family engage in the FastTrack Material. 

Enjoy your time together as a family! We hope you all learn more about God’s Big Story and your part in it!

FastTrack for Kids Week 1

FastTrack for Kids Week 2

FastTrack for Kids Week 3

FastTrack for Kids Week 4

FastTrack for Kids Week 5

FastTrack for Kids Week 6

FastTrack for Kids Week 7

FastTrack for Kids Week 8


Megan Severson

Director of Children’s Ministries



In Children’s Ministry at Foundations we Teach with the End in Mind.

The End is a life-long relationship with Jesus. As leaders, we work toward this end by Leading Small.

When we Lead Small we simply make a choice to invest strategically in the lives of a few over time so we can help them build an authentic faith.

In order to do this well, we meet twice annually for training and team building. If you have missed any of the training sessions, or if you’re curious what we’re about in Children’s Ministry, please watch the training videos below.