Counseling Program

Talking and processing with a trained counselor during times of hurt, depression, frustration, and confusion can be a very helpful way to gain understanding, acceptance, hope, forgiveness, and healing.

What is it?

The Foundations Church Counseling Ministry offers counseling to people who are in financial need and who could therefore not otherwise afford counseling.  The program allows for an initial free assessment session and 5 additional sessions, each of which is offered at a reduced fee.  The initial assessment session must be used within 1 month of acceptance into the program.  The reduced fee for the 5 additional sessions is determined based on monthly income and number of people in your household.  The fee for those who qualify for the program is between $15-$35 per session and is determined by the Foundations Church Benevolence Ministry.

It is important to know that professional counseling is a process that involves appointments held weekly or every other week.  Effective counseling necessitates a commitment by the client to attend the scheduled appointments in order to maintain continuity between sessions and to progress in the healing process.  Please thoughtfully consider this important aspect of the counseling process; we want you to get the help you are seeking in the best way possible.

How does it work?

Application to the Counseling Ministry is a two-part process:

First:   Complete the Counseling Financial Assistance Form here. Your application will be sent to the Benevolence Ministry to determine financial qualification to the program and how much you will pay the counselor per session. This financial information is kept confidential. Someone from the Benevolence Ministry may call you to talk with you about your application and to let you know what your fee will be.

Second: Complete the Counseling Request Form here. This form asks for information about you and about the reason you are looking for counseling at this time. This information will be used to identify a counselor whose specialty is in the area that would be best matched with the issues for which you are seeking help. This information is kept confidential. A counselor from the ministry will be assigned to you and will contact you directly to schedule your first meeting. The first meeting is called an Assessment. The Assessment is an opportunity to learn more about you and to understand the help you are looking for.

What if I am not in financial need but want to meet with a counselor?

If you would like help in finding a counselor and are not in financial need, below is a link to a list of professional Christian counselors. These counselors from the Northern Colorado community have agreed with our statement of faith and have served, or are currently serving, in the Foundations Church Counseling Ministry.

If you have any further questions about the counseling ministry and/or the process for application, please email [email protected]

Other Resources:

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Suicide Hotline Phone # (844) 493-8255 – Available 24/7